Friday, 25 Nov 2016 | 8:30am-5.30pm | NTUC Auditorium Level 7 | For Parents of 4-15 Year Old, Educators, Coaches

Revolutionizing Holistic Parenting in Asia

This conference will revolutionize your parenting mindset and give you the keys to help you raise fulfilled children of today and excellent leaders of the future.

  • How to build resilience in your children and hear their inner cry.
  • How to motivate and ease your children to excel and yet cope well.
  • How to achieve breakthrough in learning.
  • How to maximise child's potential through nutrition and understanding the mind-body connection.
  • How to help your children keep up with the new without losing the good values.
  • How to manage parent-child expectations on the academic achievements and balance character building.

Come join us to gain deeper insights and proven strategies from the Veteran Parenting Experts, Champion Educators, Health Psychologist, Life Coaches and Leading Authority of Asia.


This Conference reviews the evolution of Asian and Western influence over Singapore’s children’s upbringing, discussing the challenges of parents in raising children to unleash their boundless potential to lead their lives well and with integrity in the future. Keynote speakers’ topics include how each child’s unique personality, effective parental guidance and character building affect their personal development and life choices they make in their growing years. The latest scientific discovery and clinical evidences to reaching your child’s brain optimal performance and hidden secrets to achieving breakthroughs in learning abilities to higher IQ will be expounded.



  • Your Child’s holistic needs and unlocking their inner cry and potential with parents as coaches by Edwin Choy
  • How to maximise your Child's potential through nutrition and psychology by Yy Low
  • Secrets to achieving breakthroughs in learning abilities and higher IQ by Dr Ng Meng Lek
  • How character building for your Children can start young by Dr Florence Teo


Morning Panel of Discussion by Edwin Choy, Dr Ng Meng Lek, Cheryl Ng and Joscelin Yeo with Conference Moderator, Leon Stewart.

  • Managing healthy parent-child expectations in tough situations
  • Parental boundaries - when to hold on and let go to the child’s best interests (navigating the teenage years)
  • Evolution of Asian & Western blend of upbringing in Singapore children


Afternoon Panel of Discussion by Dr Ng Meng Lek, Dr Florence Teo, Mr Loganathan, Betty Kan and Yy Low with Conference Moderator, Leon Stewart.

  • Effective communications for parenting – recognizing different strokes for different folks
  • How best to help your child cope with their growing up challenges and embrace the champion mindset
  • How best to raise and inculcate a good character from young and instill lifelong value principles


  • Source of Holistic Programs and Support for Effective Parenting and Children


  • Choice of Halal Thai-Chinese, Italian-Western or Vegetarian lunch box
  • Lunchtime interaction with the Keynote Speakers and Parenting Experts
  • 30-min of Q&A with Stage Speakers for each panel of discussion
  • 20-min inspiring performance by Ms Christine Seng
  • Attractive Lucky Draw wins during Conference


Guest of Honor

Ms Joscelin Yeo

Singapore National Swim Queen
Former Nominated Member of Parliament

Joscelin Yeo Wei Ling is a former Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) from Nov 2006 to Apr 2011 and a former competitive swimmer from Singapore. Yeo won 40 gold medals at the Southeast Asian Games. She also represented Singapore in the Asian Games, Commonwealth Games and Summer Olympics. During the 2012 Lo

During the 2012 London Olympics, she was a TV analyst for certain Asian markets on ESPN Star Sports.

Joscelin is now a happy mum of 3 boys aged 4, 2 and 1 year old.


Dr Ng Meng Lek

Asia Speaking Authority in Learning Abilities
Sought After Education Expert and Trainer

Dr Ng Meng Lek has trained over 10,000 students, with learning disabilities and intellectual problems performing badly in school. All these students with learning disabilities have recovered, and successfully moved on with their studies and even completed their university education.

He is a recognized education expert and had been invited by TV and Radio stations and education institutions in Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Macau and South East Asia to listen to his views. His views and articles are well accepted by professionals in the field of child-care, kindergarten and children development centres.

Dr Ng and his wife have raised 2 fine daughters, aged 30 and 28, working with HSBC Bank Singapore and USA San Francisco respectively.

Mr Edwin Choy

Co-founder and Director of Centre for Fathering
Associate Partner of Academy of Solution Focused Training

Edwin Choy (MSc) is a certified Solution Focused Coach and an approved Solution Focused Supervisor with the Canadian Council of Professional Certification (CCPC). Edwin is also a Master Solution Focus Practitioner with International Alliance of Solution Focused Teaching Institutes (IASTI).

Centre for Fathering which he co-founded with two other friends, won the Outstanding New Initiative award given by National Volunteer Centre. This veteran therapist, parenting coach and trainer also appeared numerous times on radio and spoken at conferences and congress to speak on issues in Singapore as well as being involved in prison family reconciliation.

Edwin is Dad to 4 very multi-talented daughters and sons, aged 26, 23, 20 and 18, of whom he is proud of them.

Ms Y.Y. Low

Health Psychologist and Life Coach
Founder of Healtology

Y.Y. Low is trained as a psychologist. She conducted trainings, organized events, developed program, and undertook various frontline special projects, including SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome).

Always seeking effective methods of therapy and helping others, she is also a certified NLP practitioner, TimeLine Therapy Practitioner, and Hynotherapist. She specializes in the area of health and enjoy coaching and making a difference in other people’s lives.

Y.Y. has a very endearing daughter aged 10 and a wise son aged 7.


Dr Florence Teo

Asia Speaking Authority on Character Building
Author of Bestselling Nurturing Good Values Series

Dr Florence Teo has a Doctorate of Education in Social Sciences and Health from the University of Durham, and a Master of Education in Educational Management from the University of Sheffield.

Florence is passionate about character education and children’s literature as a trainer to principals, teachers and parents, and consultant for curriculum development. She hopes to help raise up a new generation of upright global citizens with character and integrity.

She authored the bestselling series Nurturing Good Values Series (NGVS). Schools in Asia are using this life-changing series of books for character education in both the preschools and primary schools.


Ms Cheryl Ng

Principal Trainer, Focus on the Family Singapore
Committee Member, Media Literacy Council
Volunteer, Film Censorship Panel of MCI

Cheryl Ng serves as Principal Trainer with Focus on the Family Singapore and speaks on family life across the genres of parenting, marriage, work-life, youth and relationships. She helms media interviews in both English and Mandarin and speaks on internet safety in public seminars, radio talk shows and on TV.

Believing that children are the future n family the nurturing ground, Cheryl enjoys bringing up her own children and touching lives of numerous teenagers as an adjunct lecturer at a Polytechnic, apart from having also served in Parents Advisory Group for the Internet (PAGI) before serving on the Publications Consultative Panel.

Mr Nadarajah Loganathan

Co-Founder of Acuate Consultancy
Lieutenant Colonel (ret), Signal Institute

Mr N. Loganathan is a retired SAF Officer. An independent training and management consultant, curriculum developer evaluator and a facilitator helping some large and most complex organizations achieve their maximum potential.

Before establishing his training and consulting firm in 2011, Logan served the SAF for 25 years and retired as a Senior Military Officer holding the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. His last primary appointment prior to his retirement is Commander, Training Wing in Signal Institute, where he oversaw the training of specialists and officers within the Signal formation.

Mr Logan and his teacher wife have 3 daughters, aged 20, 19 and 16 - studying medicine at Monash University, business administration at National University of Singapore and finishing GCE "O" Levels respectively.

Ms Betty Kan

Certified Professional Trainer
Associate Lecturer, SIM Global Education
ThinkBuzan Licensed Advanced Instructor
Certified Instructor of Dr Edward de Bono’s programs

Betty Kan had appeared on multiple radio talk shows for AM1450 in San Francisco and FM938 Live! in Singapore. Her articles were published in the Singapore Straits Times as well as India’s Hindustan Times.

Her mission in molding future leaders begins at home, helping parents with teenagers and young adults improve communication to strengthen relationships. Her passion is in helping individuals be the best they can be.

Betty has a son aged 16 running for Presidential election for his high school council.


Leon Chester Stewart

Emcee and Conference Moderator

Leon is a seasoned conference moderator for youth conferences and forums. A charismatic and versatile Eurasian personality, he has emceed for a wide range of events and is effectively bilingual in English and Bahasa Indonesian.

Leon has the knack of drawing out from the stage of keynote speakers and veteran educators a priceless repertoire of insights and proven strategies to share with the attending parents.

He is blissfully married to his beautiful wife, Lyra, whom they raised a pair of daughter and son of age 22 and 16.


By Ms Christine Seng

Soprano Vocalist Champion
Bach.Music. GDip in Vocal performance
ABRSM Diploma in Piano

Christine Seng has performed at famous concert venues around the world, including Blackheath Hall and the Peakock Theatre in London, Petronas Philharmonic Concert Hall in Malaysia, and Victoria Concert Hall and The Esplanade in Singapore. Christine was invited to perform at the Euroasia Official Launch in The Royale Overture Concert and The European Treasures gala concert, a concert dedicated to the Sultan of Negeri Sembilan.


Sponsor's Gift Pass inclusive of:
  1. 1-day Conference Pass
  2. Lunch Included (Halal and Vegetarian Choice Available)
  3. Free Membership to Parents' Support Network
  4. Lunchtime interaction with leading Experts, Educators, Psychologists and Parenting Coach
  5. Stand a chance to win FitLine Premier Nutrition Hamper worth $770!
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